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At Virginia Tech, we are committed to providing our expert faculty and staff with competitive compensation.

“Total Compensation” includes not only salary, but also additional benefits such as paid leave, insurance benefits, retirement plans, educational assistance programs and more. Just as an example, insurance benefits available for qualifying Virginia Tech employees include health, dental, vision, and life. The total compensation estimator provides current and prospective employees with an illustrated breakdown of their total compensation.

Additional Information
  • Academic Year - Refers to a nine month appointment, typically August 10 - May 10.
  • Regular – Appointments without an identified end date for with more than 90% of funding comes from State funds (208 – E&G).
  • Restricted - Appointments which are approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs are funded (10 percent or more) from gifts, grants, contracts, capital outlay projects and other sources with are not identifiable as continuing in nature. They are typically created to complete a function or task within a specific period of time defined by an ending date.

**The Virginia Tech Total Compensation Estimator provides an approximation to be used for illustration purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for formal financial planning advice. Individuals are strongly encouraged to consult with their own independent financial advisor for personal financial planning guidance.