Work/Life Assistance

ADA and Accessibility Services

Employees who need assistance with accommodations related to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) should reach out ADA and Accessibility Services, in the Office for Equity and Accessibility.

Conflict Resolution

The university realizes that conflict between two or more members of any community is inevitable. The Conflict Resolution program offers employees the opportunity to participate in mediation and other informal conflict resolution strategies to address a dispute with another person(s) and also to provide professional development workshops and conflict coaching opportunities to nurture individual learning and growth.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations provides a place where employees and supervisors can share personal and work-related information in order to get help or advice. The Employee Relations staff is available to advise and provide information, and make referrals to on and off campus organizations.

Hokie Wellness

Virginia Tech is committed to the health and well-being of all of all employees and their families. The Hokie Wellness program provides ongoing programming to help employees achieve a positive work/life balance. Programming focuses on the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.

Relocation/Transition Assistance

Virginia Tech recognizes that relocating your family to a new city is a big undertaking. This site has been designed to make your transition less complicated. There are resources are available to new employees who are moving to the area, as well as current employees who need assistance relocating.

Blacksburg Newcomers' Club

Individuals who are new to the New River Valley are encouraged to join the Blacksburg Newcomers’ Club. Club members meet monthly and receive a monthly newsletter.

Dual Career

New employees who have a spouse or partner who is also looking for employment are invited to take advantage of the Dual Career Program.

The Virginia Tech Faculty Women's Club

The Virginia Tech Faculty Women's Club hosts several luncheons each year as well several interest groups and trips to nearby attractions. The group also meets monthly at the university president’s home, The Grove and funds several student scholarships.