Shared Governance

The University Council is made up of 10 different governance commissions which represent the needs and interests of students and employees at all levels across the university.

The University Commissions formulate and recommend policies to the University Council, which makes recommendations to the president of the university. While the president and the Board of Visitors have final authority, the input they receive from the council is critically important.

Employees are encouraged to get involved in the governance process at Virginia Tech, to make sure their voices are heard.

The call for nominations for open positions on each of the governance committees is generally shared with employees via Virginia Tech News in January. Elections follow in February and March and the slate of members is generally finalized in April.

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This chart shows the hierarchy for governance structure with the Board of Visitors and the President having final authority. Just below the president sits the Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning, followed by the University Council. Below University Council is a group of 10 evenly ranked Commissions: Commission on Faculty and Affairs, Commission on Administrate and Professional Faculty Affairs, Commission on Staff Policies and Affairs, Commission on Student Affairs, Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Commission on Outreach and International Affairs, Commission on Research, Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies, Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies, and Commission on University Support.

Structure chart showing governance structure.