Global Travel

For many faculty and staff members, traveling abroad is an integral part of the way in which they further Virginia Tech’s mission-oriented focus on teaching and learning, research and discovery, and outreach and engagement.

The registration and approval process helps promote the health, safety, and security of employees traveling outside of the United States of America for university-related purposes.

To facilitate the global travel process, employees who travel abroad as part of their job responsibilities or as representatives of the university are required to:

  • Submit and receive approval of Travel Authorization through the Travel and Expense Management (TEM) system at least two weeks prior to departure.
  • Employee will receive an email with current global travel guidance and resources to use to prepare for travel abroad once Travel Authorization is approved.
  • Sign-up for Emergency Medical & Assistance Services Insurance prior to departure through Office of Insurance & Risk Management (540-231-7439), as required by University Policy 1070: Global Travel. Please note, current health insurance policies will not meet the requirements for global travel.
    • Global medical and security assistance insurance is designed specifically for travel abroad, provides comprehensive medical coverage, with no deductible or copay, and includes assistance with evacuation, repatriation services, and security, including military, political, personal threat or assault, and natural disasters.
    • The current university-approved global medical and security assistance insurance provider is Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This coverage is provided on a per person fee basis. The cost is reimbursable and can be paid for with a P-card.

Employees who have less than 7 to 10-day notice of their travel should immediately contact the Global Education Office at 540-231-2867 or email Employees traveling with students are subject to a separate authorization process and should also contact the Global Education Office.