Environmental Health and Safety

At Virginia Tech, safety is everyone's responsibility.

The university Health and Safety Policy reaffirms the university’s commitment to safety and good environmental stewardship and establishes a uniform system to help individuals, departments, and units meet their health and safety responsibilities.

All members of the university community are expected to:

  • Comply with the Health and Safety Policy and all university health and safety programs.
  • Attend any needed health and safety training (guidelines).
  • Inform their supervisor or instructor of any safety or health hazards in the workplace or in areas tenanted or used by Virginia Tech.
  • Know their role in an emergency.

You should discuss with your supervisor what hazards may be present in your job and what safety training classes you need to attend.

If you will work with animals or infectious agents, need to wear a respirator, or will work with lasers (class 3b, 3r or 4), you need to enroll in the university Occupational Health Assurance Program.

Environmental Health and Safety offers a variety of information, training, and resources on occupational health and safety topics. For more information visit the Environmental Health and Safety website.