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Front-End Developer
Redhorse is hiring a Front-end Developer who will provide support in the areas of tailored script development, extract/transfer/load manipulations, database operations, front-end design, and data visualization. The Front-end Developer interfaces with the client, stakeholders, military personnel, and data providers to ensure that the ISR Analysis Team within the OUSD(I) has maximal buy-in for its activities and can identify and collect data it needs. Additionally, the Front-end Developer also maintains and develops client’s tool for ISR data aggregation, linking, and analysis and thus emphasizes rounded technical skills with a slight emphasis toward data presentation.
UI/UX and other “front-end” design experience. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) development, including merging and normalizing related data sources. Skills in JavaScript, Python (particularly Django), IIS, HTML/CSS, and other technologies for making data easily accessible and user-friendly. Ability to ingest data from many different sources, including SOAP/REST web services. Experience with rapid prototyping and agile development. Experience with document-based or graph-based NOSQL databases or relational databases (RDBMS) to include design and normalization. Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and with technical accuracy in both oral and written modes. Ability to work effectively under time constraints and potentially changing priorities, while maintaining a high level of attention to detail. Ability to work in a collaborative, team environment, including on government site where availability of advanced development/database tools may be limited.
Experience consulting, analysis, and/or capability development experience. Experience with identifying and gathering operational and ISR data from DOD organizations and systems. Experience with national or military ISR capabilities and their use. Familiarity with working classified intelligence or ISR datasets. Experience/familiarity working with GeoJSON formats. Experience/familiarity with one of the following web frameworks: Angular.js, Bootstrap.js React.js Experience/familiarity with one of the following charting libraries (or equivalents): D3.js Chart.js Leaflet.js Familiarity with Elastic Stack

Full time
$100,000 to $199,999


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Company Information
Redhorse Corporation
Now is a great time to join Redhorse Corporation. Redhorse specializes in developing and implementing creative strategies and solutions with private, state, and federal customers in the areas of cultural and environmental resources services, climate and energy change, information technology, and intelligence services. We are hiring creative, motivated, and talented people with a passion for doing what's right, what's smart, and what works.